Dinosaur Christmas ! (Nosy Crow 2020)

The intrepid team of dinosaurs are back and this time they must save Santa Claus from a snowstorm! Join them as they plough the road, whizz down a mountain on snowmobiles, zoom through the icy water on a hovercraft, dig out Santa’s sleigh with a digger and lower down the presents with a helicopter. And when the dinosaurs finish saving Santa and his reindeer, it’s time to make snowmen, play games and open presents!

"It’s all very jolly, very colorful, very noisy, and just the Christmastide thing to delight dino-vehicular obsessives ages 2-5".

Wall Street Journal

Dinosaur Farm ! (Nosy Crow 2019)

They’ve built, they’ve zoomed, they’ve rescued, they’ve flown into space and they’ve even fought off baddy pirates, but now our dynamic team of dinosaurs have moved to pastures new ­ literally? ­ working hard on the Dinosaur Farm! Join them as they plough the stony soil, feed the sheep, cut the corn in a combine harvester and much more! But what are they preparing all their animals and crops for? And where are they travelling to in their tractor? Why, it’s a farm show! But will they win the grand prize?

“With a guide to the different types of dinosaurs and machinery used in the book, Dinosaur Farm! is an absolute winner: fun, daft and educational.”

Book Trust

Dinosaur Pirates ! (Nosy Crow 2016)

Our intrepid team of dinosaurs are back but this time they are pirates in search of buried treasure! Having navigated their way to a desert island and dug up their booty, they are just sailing away when they are ambushed by a fearsome band of marauding baddy-pirates!


Dinosaur Rocket ! (Nosy Crow 2015)

No longer content with building, or zooming, or even rescuing, the dinosaurs now have their sights set on something much, much bigger. the MOON! Join our fearsome friends as they prepare for their cosmic journey: is the rocket all ready? Will the launch go smoothly? Can they make it to the moon? Another fast and furious adventure for anyone who loves dinosaurs AND vehicles!

"Combining the popular topics of space and dinosaurs is a surefire recipe for a storytime hit" Kirkus Reviews

Dinosaur Rescue ! (Nosy Crow 2014)

Featuring a riotously rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations, this brand new picture book in the hugely successful series is packed with adventure and a rabble of roaring, rescuing dinosaurs!

" A labeled cast list" of dinos at one end and trucks at the other sandwich this yummy treat for fans of all things large and roaring" Kirkus Reviews

Dinosaur Zoom ! (Nosy Crow 2012)

The dinosaurs are back and this time they’re revving, roaring and racing - to a dinosaur birthday party! Bursting with dinosaurs and vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and with a delicious, surprise ending, this is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of small boys everywhere.

" A roaring delight." The Guardian

Dinosaur Dig! (Nosy Crow 2011)

Dinosaur Dig! has everything that gets small boys excited -
diggers, dinosaurs and dirt plus a bit of counting thrown in for good measure.
Bursting with energy and noise and with a splashy, surprising ending, it's an absolute riot of a book.

" A perfect picture book." Book Maven

Princess, Fairy (Walker Books 2009)

A princess in a magic garden is playing with her golden ball. The ball falls into the water, and the fairy tale begins ...

"A wonderful, magical story ... enchanting ... bewitching ... exquisite." INIS

The Boy on the Bus (Walker Books 2007)

Who wants to ride with the boy on the bus ? Ducks, Pigs. Cows. Who else ? Jump on board ! Get ready to sing ! Ding-ding! Off we go !

A comically crowded bus carries a furry, feathered cast of characters in a familiar sing-along with a funny farmyard twist.

"Devotees of Penny Dale's delightful and imaginative books for small children will be familiar with the exhuberant little lad driving the bus in this singalong storybook, The Wheels on the Bus, is given the farmyard treatment." Glasgow Herald


Ten in the Bed (Walker Books Sep 2013)

Penny Dale's warm, funny and much-loved take on the bouncy bedtime rhyme of 'Ten in the Bed'. With ten in the bed, it's a bit of a squeeze! Roll over, roll over! But the little one gets cold all alone, and soon all ten are snuggled up and fast asleep. Children will love reading this famous rhyme and shouting out the crash, thud and bump noises ­ bedtime has never been such fun!

“A subtle variation on the traditional nursery song, illustrated with wonderful warm pictures which are crammed with amusing details.” Practical Parenting

Princess Princess (Walker Books 2003)

Here's the magical story of a pretty princess, a frowning fairy, a naughty nasty spell, . . . and a kiss which makes everyone happy again. The result is pure enchantment !

"this book is full of wonder for the adult reader, child or casual page-turner. This book is as enchanting as it is simple. Its repetitive, sometimes poetic text is bewitching, and its exquisite illustrations are reminiscent of another era inhabited by 'flitting, flying fairies' and 'castle full of dreams, full of shadows' . . the lilting, hypnotic telling of the story, coupled with the captivating, enthralling illustrations ensures that this book will be one that both child and adult will want to return to again and again." Inis

Ten in The Bed (Walker Books boardbook 2001)

There were ten in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over . . . "Snuggle up with your little one and countdown to bedtime with this favourite rhyme".

Ten Play Hide and Seek (Walker Books 1998)

There were ten in the bed and the little one said, "Let's play hide-and-seek!" Look for the clues and help the little one find his friends in this third delightful story about their bedtime games. As well as being great fun, this is a useful early maths book, offering children possibilities of counting, adding, subtracting and dividing.

“Bold, unpretentious . . . a repeated pleasure.” The Financial Times

Big Brother Little Brother (Walker Books 1997)

When Little Brother cries and points and shouts, Big Brother knows why. He makes Little Brother happy. But the course of brotherly love does not always run smooth - and when Big Brother cries, what will Little Brother do ?"

“Penny Dale’s beautiful drawings sensitively show the ups and downs of the affectionate relationship between the two brothers.” Practical Parenting

Daisy Rabbit’s Tree House (Walker Books 1995)

Daisy Rabbit loves to visit her friends Nelly Jumbo, Deborah Zebra and Nipper Hedgehog, but always feels homesick if she stays the night. Fortunately, Mrs Rabbit has a clever idea to solve the problem.

“There is a quality to the sensitivity and softness of the pictures book which makes it special . . . A warm tale, with a happy ending.” The School Librarian

Ten Out of Bed (Walker Books 1993)

There were ten in the bed and the little one said. "Let's play!" So they did. They played trains and pirates, flying and dancing, ghosts and monsters . . . . and what a time they had!

“For all fans of Penny Dale’s ‘Ten in the Bed’, this is a must. Penny Dale’s illustrations are always stunning, but her text is also ‘special’.” Books for Keeps

All About Alice (Walker Books 1992)

This book is about a small girl called Alice; the food she eats, the clothes she wears, the toys she plays with, the big sister she wants to be like - the things that make her cry and smile.

“ For all 3-5 year olds, ‘All about Alice’ by Penny Dale will give them plenty to identify with and is beautifully drawn.” Tatler

The Elephant Tree (Walker Books 1991)

Elephant wants to climb a tree - not a bird tree, or a monkey tree, or a tiger tree, but an elephant tree. So he and his friends set out to find one . . .

“No Nursery or Reception class should be without the whole Penny Dale collection in my view. She has the perception matched with the enviable artistic ability to tap into the very essence of children of this age.” Books For Keeps

"Utterly charming . . . Ideal as a first story book." Baby Magazine

Wake Up Mr. B! (Walker Books 1988)

While the rest of the family sleeps, Rosie has some lively early morning fun with her dog, Mr.B!

"Perceptive, domestic illustrations fill a varied cartoon-strip format . . . making this a lovely tell-it-yourself picture book." The Good Book Guide

Shortlisted for Kate Greenaway Medal

Bet You Can’t (Walker Books 1987)

It's bedtime and a little girl is quietly tidying all her toys into a basket. Then along comes her younger brother and challenges her to lift the basket above her head.One challenge leads to another and another, until . . .!

“This is a delightful book for children who are beginning to read. The simple repetition in speech bubbles is brought to life by the superb illustrations.” Best Books